About art of employment

Like everybody we started our work life fresh from school with no previous employment history or work experience. It soon became apparent that in order to get a job you need experience and a reference, But when you don’t have either it is an impossible situation.

You cant get a job because you have no experience or references and you cant get references or experience because you have no job and the cycle continues and will playout through your adult life in many such cases.

We fortunately got past this hurdle and went on to create a successful business here in the UK with many different trading name which we traded with for several years creating up to 7 figures of revenue annually.

Due to raising interest rates, Decreased consumer spending etc post covid times our business slowed down and we had to find alternate solutions to problems to solve for monetary returns. Which bought us to this!

We have several years of trading history which can be verified on companies house, Many different websites that all do different things as well as lets call it “Online infrastructure” such as sock puppets (Fake online people that we created) etc which we used for things such as marketing (Shilling / Astroturfing on social media), going behind enemy lines with competition and our own due diligence. Rather than going to waste all of our online “infrastructure” can be used to create a valuable service to job seekers and renters alike.

William Banks

Owner & Director

Jerry Figueroa

Creative solutions engineer

Safa Raymond

Client Coordinator

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