Fired from job reference

“However long the night, The dawn will break” – African proverb

The situation: For whatever reason, You lost your previous job. In this situation it is less than ideal to contact your former employer to ask for a reference or for them to give you a reference to your new prospect employer for obvious various reasons.

This is the part we would like to introduce & welcome you to the art of employment.

The solution.

We have many different business ventures in many different sectors that require lots of supporting jobs to function. From Admin to Zoning assistant (We have property rental agency) and everything else in between.

We will act as your current or former supervisor and provide outstanding references on your behalf. You can choose your start / end date. We will ask what type of job you are applying for and offer a bespoke relevant solution using one of our company names and ask what job title you would like. You would then add the information to your CV and we will await the phone call or email.

You can check our recommendation out online your self if you are in doubt about our service work. We take great pride and pleasure in what we do, It is in both of our best interests to get things 100% right the first time. All of our businesses can easily be found online via google & social media as well as business directory pages and are a trading name of a UK LTD business registered on companies house with several years of existence. We will pass even the most diligent of due diligence processes. You are assured to only receive the upmost professional service available. (we will only provide business names after service has been ordered).

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Benefits of using our fired from job reference service

Clean slate with new employer.

No gaps in your employment history.

No concern of “Less than ideal” job reference.

Professional & diligent service is guaranteed.

On hand 09:00 – 17:00 ready to take the call or email as soon as we are contacted.