Submitted Application stating “references available upon request”. But have no References.


Madeleine Horton

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t. You’re right.” – Henry Ford.

In the competitive realm of job hunting, the phrase “References Available Upon Request” often serves as a silver bullet for candidates seeking to bolster their resumes. Yet, for those who have fired off applications with this promise but lack concrete references, a daunting challenge emerges.

Picture this: you land an interview, your potential employer leans in with an expectant smile and asks for those references you confidently mentioned in your application. Panic sets in. What now?

Statistics and Context:

Statistics reveal a surprising truth, a significant percentage of job seekers find themselves in this predicament, a situation that can leave them feeling trapped and exposed. (Source: Job Market Insights, 2023)

For some, it’s not a matter of incompetence but a lack of professional connections due to industry transitions or the nature of past jobs.

The art of employment

Allow us to introduce you to the Art of Employment, an online employment solutions agency committed to resolving this one of many very conundrums. In a world where relying on family or friends as references risks exposure, our service, aptly named “reference available on request, have no reference solution,” steps in as the game-changer.

Consider this a lifeline for those who’ve strategically utilized the common placeholder without anticipating the scrutiny it might face. Our tailored approach ensures that job seekers aren’t left in the lurch, scrambling to find references that could easily be debunked.

As experts in the art of employment

We understand the delicate dance of job-seeking, where honesty and presentation must align seamlessly. Our “have no reference for reference available up on request solution” provides a curated set of references that stand up to scrutiny, offering peace of mind to candidates who may have embellished their qualifications to secure a coveted position.

Imagine confidently handing over a list of references that not only vouch for your skills but also align with the narrative you’ve crafted for your professional journey. Our service seamlessly bridges the gap between the commitment to excellence in the workplace and the reality of a job application strategy that might have veered off course.

In a world where job applications are scrutinized more than ever, it’s time to ask yourself: Can you afford not to have a solution when your references are in question?

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