Gap in employment history on CV reference solution

“Until the Lion learns to write, Every story will glorify the hunter” – African proverb.

The situation: You have a gap in your employment history on your CV for however long. This hiatus could be for many innocent reasons, But the prospecting employer will likely look at this as a big negative vs the other applicants.

An employer will view this as: A. You don’t really need a job and can sustain long periods without a wage. Meaning you could just walk out any time. B. Assume that you were fired from your last job and don’t want to disclose it. C. You aren’t serious about holding down a long term job, etc. There are many more things that go through their head. You have to remember you are up against multiple applicants who don’t have gaps in their employment. This automatically puts you in a disadvantageous position.

This is the part we would like to introduce & welcome you to the art of employment.

The solution.

We have many company operations in a variety of industries that require a large number of supporting workers to run. From administrative to zoning assistant (we have a property rental agency) and everything in between.

We will act as your current or former boss, providing outstanding references on your behalf. You can choose your start and finish dates. We will ask what type of job you are applying for and provide a bespoke applicable solution utilising one of our company names, and then ask what job title you like. You would then include the information in your CV, and we would anticipate a phone call or email.

If you are unsure about our services, you can check our recommendations online. We take incredible joy and pleasure in what we do, and it is in both of our best interests to do things properly the first time. All of our businesses can be easily accessed online through Google and social media, as well as business directory listings, and they all have a trading name of a UK LTD business registered with Companies House with several years of operation. We will pass even the most rigorous due diligence tests. You can be confident that you will receive the highest level of professional service possible. (We will only supply business names once the service has been arranged).

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Benefits of using our gap in employment history reference service

Competitive advantage vs not using it.

Fast and easy service.

93% Higher chance of getting the job vs without.

Professional & diligent service is guaranteed.

On hand 09:00 – 17:00 ready to take the call or email as soon as we are contacted.